I would be lost without gateway’s support.


Just what I needed until I got back on my feet.


Fitness classes have been a distraction to the problems I face.


Gateway helped give me back my independence.


Three years ago, Gateway Service Manager Vlado found JC waiting on the Gateway doorstep, crying out for help. JC was in a bad way. He had voluntarily left his accommodation with the council, and had nowhere to go.

For JC to be given a council tenancy again, he had to prove that he could be trusted. We found him a space at No 45, and he stayed with us for three years. Normally clients stay with us for around two years, but JC had a chaotic life, and needed to be there for longer. We referred him to different services as it was a very complex case. JC had no self-esteem or trust. He worked hard, and he made it – and recently moved into permanent accommodation.

JC commented: “When I arrived at No 45 I had no hope or optimism. Now I leave with perhaps the greatest thing I've learned at Gateway and that was how to understand myself better. Staff really helped me in building up my self-esteem and dignity. I was always included in decision-making processes about my accommodation. I was always asked about any concerns and I was given the chance to make decisions at these times. I have been always kept fully informed about any changes that could have affected my support.”

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